Monday, 1 February 2010

Let's Passover This One.

It was only a matter of time before we addressed the ultimate fall from baby faced grace: Joaquin Phoenix's grizzled phase. Even these hair-loving harpies have their limits.

Extreme bad clothing in the form of groin splits, with hats barely containing the hair volcano beneath really do cross a line into pretty grody territory. It's just too authentically 'hey, i haven't washed this month and, yeah, I know it's the 31st'.

I can handle him wanting to be a rapper because DOESN'T EVERYONE? But can't he just subtly hoik at his groin occasionally whilst talking about the bitches from the ghetto being all "Hey homie, I'll blow through your crew like you guys blow through deadlines"? Does it really have to be breaking free from his denim like it's frickin' ashamed to be attached?

I guess it's like Moses said. "LET MY PEEPEE GO"

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